Guilty of Being Wheat


Everyone's favorite holiday is coming soon, so I wanna know what you've got going on. Any good halloween parties, costume ideas, or pranks in the works?

I don't have anything. I'll most likely go to work and then buy discounted candy the next day as I normally do.
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Guilty of Being Wheat

I actually forgot this thing existed

So now I assault you with it yet again?

I know this thing never really got far off the ground, but I'm not completely resigned to letting it die. I figure things might pick up after school sets in.

Speaking of which I know it's been summer and vacations have been in order. What's everybody been up to? Have you discovered any new nerdy activies? I sure have. I picked up a World of Warcraft addiction. I'll probably never look back. All things considered it rocks pretty hard, and will continue to maintain that status until it starts cutting into my homework. Addictive habits are fine as long as they don't screw up my GPA.

So anyway feel free to post up the results of your summer. Share any vacation slides, stories of drunken excess and adventure.

Pretty much whatever you've got.

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cherry blossom

This lj is choking..

Okay people, just wanted to put an entry since it's kinda gotten slow since school ended in the spring. Just an update on some concerts in the area. If you hear of a geek friendly concert please post so I can keep myself busy this summer.

Nine Inch Nails & Bauhaus have a show July 3rd, a Monday and 20 bucks will get you lawn seats!

Hank III and Murder Junkies are playing Doc's on July 7, there should still be tickets for 15 bucks at Doc's.

Any KMFDM fans there is also a show at Bogart's in Cinnci in October for 20 bucks a pop as well.

Yard Sale

Having a yard sale
2509 e 13th st
Now till dark
We have a ton of baby clothes sizes premie to around 18 months, little girls clothes, glassware, movies, tapes, colectables, Kids toys, furniture and a whole lot more. We will also be having another yard sale in about 2 weeks with more furniture, craft stuff, etc. there will be more details later on when.
Thnx. :)
cherry blossom

I got this in my BSU mail the other day..weird but interesting.

Have you passed ENG 103?

Are you ready to take ENG 104?

Are you into video games and the internet?

In Fall 2006 and exciting ENG 104 course will be offered using Second Life ( as an online component to a weekly face to face meeting. Students will meet the instructor each week in a real classroom here on campus and in a virtual classroom in Second Life.

If you're a gamer.if you need to take ENG 104.if you're interested.please email Sarah Robbins ( for more information!


Sarah Robbins

PhD Student/ Rhetoric and Composition

Ball State University
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